Charlotte’s yearly car insurance costs among priciest in NC

Though North Carolina is one of the cheapest states in which to insure a car, in Charlotte, annual rates are still well above the state average.

It costs on average $690 a year to insure a car in North Carolina, according to an analysis of 86 cities across the state by consumer research site ValuePenguin. In Charlotte, it’s $765 a year, 11 percent higher than the state average.

By comparison, despite its proximity, South Carolina’s state average insurance cost is a much pricier $1,025 a year.

The cheapest North Carolina city in which to insure a car is Asheville, where it’s $609 a year, the analysis found. And at $840 a year, Fayetteville is the most expensive city.

The analysis reflects how location – like driver history and insurance coverage bought – factors into the cost of car insurance.