Dilworth Neighborhood Grille to be featured on daytime cooking show

Dilworth Neighborhood Grille will be featured Thursday morning on CBS’ “Flip My Food.”

On the cooking show, Jeff Henderson, a former felon-turned celebrity chef and award-winning author, “flips” signature dishes into healthier versions at featured restaurants. At the Charlotte restaurant, Henderson focused on pulled pork as well as chicken spiedies, a dish from upstate New York, where co-founder Norm Randall is from.

Shooting of the show took place in October and lasted about six hours, said Randall, who opened the restaurant in 2004 with Matt Wohlfarth.

Henderson ended up making an oxtail pasta, Randall said, and showed the restaurant’s staff how to substitute the oxtail with other proteins like pork and chicken. The pasta will be sold as a special and the pulled pork and spiedies, two of the restaurant’s most popular dishes, will continue to be offered as they always had been.

“After 10 years of working hard at it we’re pretty proud of the fact that it was featured on that show,” Randall said. “It just sort of brought some respect to (the) food aspect of it.”

Dilworth Neighborhood Grille is at 911 E. Morehead St. The show will air at 9 a.m. Thursday on WBTV, the local CBS affiliate.