Bank Watch roundup: Warren Buffett has forgiven Bank of America

BUFFETT HAS FORGIVEN BANK OF AMERICA: The big capital miscalculation won't affect the Charlotte bank's relationship with the Oracle of Omaha, who responded to a question about it by saying, "You do the best you can," Bloomberg reports.

WELLS COURTING URBAN PROFESSIONALS: A new branch design is catching on that is heavy on technology, light on floor space, and is tailored to city dwellers comfortable with self-service, American Banker reports.

CERTUSBANK LAYS OUT NEW LEADERSHIP TEAM: The bank's new CEO says they've eliminated or combined some senior positions to become more "agile."

CHARLOTTE GROWTH TO OUTPACE U.S.: But barely. PNC's senior economist was in town Tuesday and told a group at the Myers Park Country Club that the primary driver of 15,000 new jobs in the city will be the private sector.

TREE.COM POSTS LARGER LOSS: The mortgage lead generation company says it lost money in rolling out massive new ad campaigns despite record revenue.

JPMORGAN CHIEF SEES TECH GIANTS AS COMPETITORS: Jamie Dimon told a Saudi Arabian conference that he sees Google and Facebook as possible threats for a company that moves $10 trillion a day, Bloomberg reports.

REGULATORS LOOKING AT BIG BANK HIRING IN ASIA: So far, the SEC has sent letters to Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and UBS in a probe that started at JPMorgan over whether they were improperly hiring children of foreign officials to try to win business, the Wall Street Journal reports.

U.S. WANTS GUILTY PLEA FROM CREDIT SUISSE PARENT: The Justice Department has gone after subsidiaries before, but this time the government wants to hear from the parent company, Bloomberg reports. It's part of a massive shift in how the Justice Department approaches cases.