Bank Watch roundup: Brian Moynihan’s exhausting four years

BRIAN MOYNIHAN'S EXHAUSTING FOUR YEARS AT THE HELM: Forbes magazine dives in to Bank of America's rocky experience since this CEO took the helm in its upcoming issue, and the challenges of moving from empire building to navigating the post-financial crisis landscape.

SUNTRUST NAMES NEW HEAD FOR SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT WEALTH MANAGEMENT: The bank has tapped John Hondros to lead the Charlotte and Daytona Beach offices for the group.

SHARONVIEW FEDERAL CREDIT UNION STARTS SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM: The Fort Mill institution will award three scholarships worth a combined total of $10,000 to college-bound member or children of members, the credit union announced.

CLIPPERS DEAL WAS A WIN FOR BANK OF AMERICA: The quick sale of the team to former Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer likely netted the bank $40 million, the New York Post says. And the bank beat out several rivals with more active sports investment banking units.

HOME EQUITY LINE PAYMENTS JUMPING SOON: A lot of people took out home equity lines during the run-up to the mortgage crisis, and a lot of the time banks only required interest payments for the first 10 years. Now, that period is running out, meaning there could be a new wave of delinquencies and curtailed consumer spending, the Wall Street Journal says.