What do you think of Montford Park’s new neighborhood logo?

As rapidly growing areas in Charlotte try on new identities, they’re coming up with new logos and names to mark out who they are. Now, the newest, Montford Park, has a logo and official nonprofit association.

The Montford Park area is centered along Park Road, between Selwyn Avenue and Reece Road. It’s not quite SouthPark, Madison Park, Dilworth, Sedgefield or any of the longer-established areas with better-known names. Now, new development is bringing more than 1,500 new apartments, and the residents, developers and businesses who operate there want a brand to quickly identify the place.

“The neighborhood’s lack of a unified identity became apparent in community meetings held by real estate developer Grubb Properties,” the newly formed Montford Park Partners said in a statement.

Montford Park is hardly alone: Check out MoRA, FreeMoreWest and other new neighborhoods trying to establish identities in the city’s rapidly shifting landscape in this column I wrote earlier this month. But Montford Park’s population influx is going to be particularly big. There are currently about 620 residents in the one square mile covered. With 1,500 new apartments, that could increase six-fold, assuming an average of two people per apartment, to more than 3,600.

“Montford Park has a strong foundation of diverse businesses and residents in an incredible location. I can’t wait to watch the neighborhood elevate even more with its renewed brand and organized advocacy,” said Rachel Russell, vice president of development Milhaus and chair of Montford Park Partners. She led the effort to form the Montford Park association, where she worked until recently.

There’s a happy hour scheduled for local business owners and managers about the neighborhood’s future at Sir Edmond Halley’s on Tuesday, September 27 at 5:00 p.m. A neighborhood-wide event is planned for the winter.

Here’s the board of Montford Park Partners:

▪ Rachel Russell (Chair), Milhaus

▪ Tracy Espy (Vice Chair), Pfeiffer University

▪ Chris Parker (Treasurer), Pfeiffer University

▪ Marcie Williams (Secretary), Rivergate KW Residential

▪ Bob Moore, Bank of the Ozarks

▪ Michael Tubridy, Crescent Communities

▪ Laura White, Grubb Properties

▪ Adam Williams, Legacy Real Estate Advisors

▪ Cindy Wolfe, Bank of the Ozarks

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