Here’s how much a one-bedroom apartment will cost you in four of Charlotte’s hottest markets

SkyHouse Apartments amenity deck.
SkyHouse Apartments amenity deck.

Charlotte’s record apartment-building boom has also come with a record-setting surge in rents, and eye-popping prices at a lot of the new buildings.

The most common apartment type in most new buildings is a one-bedroom unit. And with a wave of new college graduates getting ready to move to Charlotte for jobs, many of whom will be looking to rent in and around uptown, new one-bedrooms in those neighborhoods are sure to see a lot of interest in the coming weeks.

So, how much will that starter one-bedroom run you in a new (or almost new) building? Here’s the minimum for a one-bedroom apartment for new buildings in four of Charlotte’s most active, along with the average.

The prices below don’t take into account the common offers for one or two months free rent offered by many new buildings. If you factor those in (and they change often), the effective rent at that building would be about 8 percent or 16 percent lower. The quoted prices are the lowest available for a one-bedroom – depending on an apartment’s size, view and which floor it’s on, some of the one-bedrooms in the same building are nearly twice as expensive.

Uptown: $1,662

Ascent: $1,765

Museum Tower: $1,825

SkyHouse: $1,396

South End: $1,376

Camden Gallery: $1,369

Solis Southline: $1,443

Loft One35: $1,316

Plaza Midwood: $1,136

The Gibson: $1,150

The Julien: $1,090

One305 Central: $1,170

Dilworth: $1,374

The Lexington Dilworth: $1,295

Berkshire Dilworth: $1,339

Solis Dilworth: $1,490

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