New, $10 million Charlotte facility is designed to help ship you e-commerce goods

Rendering of Atlantic Packaging’s new Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte.
Rendering of Atlantic Packaging’s new Packaging Solution Center in Charlotte.

You might not think about what it takes to get your goods from an Amazon warehouse to your front door, but this company certainly does.

Atlantic Packaging is opening a new Packaging Solution Center in Steele Creek, a $10 million facility that will focus on researching and testing ways to ship goods. Driven by the boom in e-commerce, the company will also use the center to pitch potential customers on packaging solutions.

One of the main features at the 80,000 square-foot facility: A “multi-axis transportation simulator” that can duplicate the vibrations and impacts that a package might encounter in transit.

“The truly unique thing about the Atlantic Solution Center in Charlotte is the investment we’ve made in sophisticated packaging and unit load testing equipment,” said Atlantic president Wes Carter, in a statement. “If one of our customers is experiencing damage in transit, we can literally re-create that specific route in our center to see where and how their products are failing. This allows us to create customized packaging solutions based on scientific data, virtually eliminating shipping damage and reducing overall packaging costs.”

Retailers will be able to use the new facility to test different methods and materials for packaging goods for shipment. The facility is located at Steele Creek and Sam Neely roads, and agrand opening is scheduled for Aug. 8th to Aug. 12th.

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