The famed ‘Queen Park’ sign could be coming back

Meck City Social wants to bring this sign back as part of a redevelopment on Southside Drive that would turn a warehouse into retail, eating and drinking establishments.
Meck City Social wants to bring this sign back as part of a redevelopment on Southside Drive that would turn a warehouse into retail, eating and drinking establishments.

Charlotte City Council is set to hear so many rezoning requests this Monday – covering everything from new apartments on Park Road to redeveloping Sharon United Methodist Church in SouthPark to repurposing a warehouse on the Blue Line – that the meeting will likely be broken up into two parts and continued at a later date.

That’s if the whole thing doesn’t get snowed out, of course. There’s a big question mark about whether we’ll get cold rain, snow, ice or a mix on Monday, and City Council isn’t likely to hold a major meeting if everyone is going to get snowed in overnight at the Government Center.

Assuming the meeting does go as planned, it’s scheduled to start at 5:30 p.m. at the Government Center uptown. There’s enough on the agenda to push the meeting past midnight, so at 10 p.m. or so City Council will likely decide to continue it at a later date. Staff is looking at Feb. 29 as a possible date to finish whatever is left on the agenda.

Here’s a look at some of the biggest projects up Monday:

▪ New life for an old warehouse and the famed “QP” sign: A company called Meck City Social is seeking to repurpose an old industrial building at Southside Drive and Yancey Road. The 17,455-square-foot warehouse building is near the Scaleybark Light Rail station and other hip businesses such as Olde Mecklenburg Brewery and Sugar Creek Brewing Company. The plan could include an outdoor patio for seating – and it would bring back the “QP Queen Park Cinema” sign that used to stand nearby.

There’s no exact description of the buildings that would be present, but here’s how the community report describes a neighbor’s reaction at a meeting: “There was general approval expressed for the project that will renovate an old industrial building and that it would bring added activities and opportunities to the neighborhood which was referred to by one of the attendees as ‘getting really cool.’ ” The plan is up for a vote Monday.

▪ Apartments on Park Road: Grubb Properties is seeking approval for a plan to redevelop its headquarters property and office buildings it owns on Park Road into apartments and retail. The plans call for 450 apartments and 600,000 square feet of commercial space, with an option to convert some of that space to 300 hotel rooms. The plan could increase traffic, staff noted, with 11,178 vehicle trips generated under the proposed zoning (vs. 2,500 daily vehicle trips under the current zoning). The plan is up for a vote Monday.

▪ And more apartments near Park Road: The owner of the Melrose Place apartments on Woodlawn Road just off Park Road is seeking to tear down the building and replace it with a new, five-story apartment building totaling 265 units. Four houses on Drexel Road next to the Melrose Place apartments would be torn down as part of the plan.

In a slightly unusual move, staff is recommending that City Council vote against the plan, citing the “proposed multi-family encroachment into an established single family neighborhood.” The plan is up for a hearing, and City Council will vote at a later date.

▪ Redeveloping the “ski slope” church in SouthPark: Childress Klein is teaming with Sharon United Methodist Church in SouthPark to redevelop the site at Morrison Boulevard and Sharon Road. The plan calls for up to 490 residential units on the site, along with a 175-room hotel, 170,000 square feet of shops, restaurants and offices, a 750-seat church and 20,000 square feet of indoor recreational space.

The SouthPark area is seeing a flood of new development, including the Capitol Towers office buildings, Encore, Morgan Bond and Crescent SouthPark apartments and the planned redevelopment of the Colony apartments into a major mixed-use center with up to 990 apartments, a hotel, offices and shops. Traffic has become a major concern for the area. The proposed Sharon United Methodist plan would increase the number of daily trips at the site from 1,000 to 10,100, according to Charlotte city staff’s estimate. But it would add new road connections and help people avoid choke points and already-clogged intersections.

City Council will hold a hearing Monday and vote at a later date.

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