Two residential projects rejected by Charlotte City Council

View of the planned townhouses from Wendover Road.
View of the planned townhouses from Wendover Road.

Charlotte City Council has a reputation sometimes for approving most projects that come up for rezoning, so it’s worth looking at what they vote “no” on as well. Last week, that included two infill projects that would have brought more residences to urbanizing areas.

The first was a plan to build 38 townhouses on a 2.5-acre vacant site at North Wendover Road, near Randolph Road and Melchor Avenue. Charlotte city staff recommended in favor of the plan, which North Wendover Partners LLC was developing in partnership with Ryan Homes.

The project, across Wendover from an apartment complex and backing up to single-family houses and more apartments, was consistent with the city’s area plan and general development policies for the area. The homes would have averaged in the upper-$270,000 range, a Ryan Homes representative said.

But City Council decided the plan was too dense for the area, and voted it down unanimously at their zoning meeting last Monday.

“We find this petition not to be reasonable in the public interest,” said council member Patsy Kinsey, reading a required statement following the vote. “The proposed townhouses are not consistent with the single-family character of the homes in the area.”

The other plan that was voted down was a proposal to rezone a 0.67-acre parcel on West Summit Avenue at Merriman Avenue from industrial to residential use, with four houses. The site abuts the Wilmore Historic District.

Although staff recommended in favor of that plan, City Council voted it down unanimously as well. Council member LaWana Mayfield said an upcoming plan by the N.C. Department of Transportation to build a heavy rail maintenance facility nearby means future residential could be negatively impacted if it were approved.

“If we look out many years...It’s something we can’t go back and fix,” Mayfield said.

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