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Listing on Airbnb is an increasingly lucrative side job in Charlotte

Airbnb Belleville News-Democrat

Charlotte workers are increasingly turning to home-sharing as a form of supplemental income, in addition to other side hustles like grocery delivery and ride-sharing.

Charlotte residents who listed their homes for rent on the site Airbnb in 2016 made $4.5 million in supplemental income, representing 33,700 guests, according to a statement from the home-sharing site Thursday

Charlotte is the No. 2 Airbnb market in North Carolina. Asheville hosts made nearly three times as much – $13.1 million, or 104,500 guests – as Charlotte hosts, making the city North Carolina’s top Airbnb destination.

For all of North Carolina, Airbnb hosts made a combined $51.1 million, which represented 404,000 guests, in 2016. The number of North Carolinians listing their homes on Airbnb grew 83 percent to 7,500 last year, Airbnb said. The annual earnings for a typical host are $5,400.

Airbnb said it started collecting and remitting taxes for North Carolina in August 2015. Last year, North Carolina gained $7.7 million in tax revenue from Airbnb. Airbnb collects taxes in listings in 16 other states.

A Charlotte Airbnb host made headlines last summer when he allegedly told a woman she could not rent out his house because she is black. Airbnb permanently banned the host, and officials have said they are working to prevent racial discrimination on the platform.

Here’s how Charlotte stacks up to other cities:


2016 guests

Total 2016 host earnings



$13.1 Million



$4.5 Million



$2.4 Million



$2 Million



$2 Million

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