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NoDa tavern apologizes for ‘unfortunate’ sandwich board message

Sign outside Solstice Tavern on Tuesday
Sign outside Solstice Tavern on Tuesday Courtesy of Erin Tracy-Blackwood

The staff of Solstice Tavern in NoDa has apologized for a message posted on its sandwich board this week that many customers found to be offensive.

In a Facebook post, Solstice called the posting of the sign “an unfortunate event,” and that it was “hastily created in an unacceptable manner.”

“We would like everyone to know that we had an employee exercise extremely poor taste that we at Solstice Tavern do not agree with nor condone. Please be aware that we have taken action to make sure that this kind of carelessness and thoughtless action will never be done again,” Solstice wrote.

The post continued: “Please understand that our mission as a business is to bring people together, not divide them. This unfortunate event will only suffice to keep us humble, honest and true. On behalf of the entire staff, please accept our most sincere apologies.”

Comments on the post were varied: Some people defended the tavern and said it should not be judged by the poor choice of one person, others decried the apology itself and said those offended by the sign were being too sensitive, others said it was offensive to women and Native Americans, others said they will not return.

Solstice, a sports bar with a menu of pub food, is in NoDa near Cabo Fish Taco. It has operated there since 2006. A manager could not immediately be reached for comment.