What's In Store

What’s going on with the old Amos’ spot in South End?

Construction on the popular music venue Amos’ Southend, which closed March 5, was supposed to have started by now in anticipation of a summertime reopening as a big, renovated bar and grill. As is often the case with construction projects, the timing has been pushed.

The neighboring bar Gin Mill is taking over Amos’ 4,400 square-foot space at 1423 S. Tryon. John Ellison, who owns both properties, told the Observer that the Gin Mill will close in its current spot on July 30.

Ellison has been waiting on permits from the city, so the plan is now to start construction by the end of this month, and reopen the “Gin Mill on steroids” by mid-August.

Ellison, who had anticipated that construction would have started in mid-March, says renovation of the old Amos’ spot includes the addition of a kitchen, a rooftop patio and back patio, and removing the exterior stucco to expose the original brick facade.

The new Gin Mill won’t be a concert hall like Amos’ was, but it will have a small stage and a sound system to host bands on the weekend, Ellison has said. The new Gin Mill will have a full menu of American bar food, and the patio will be dog-friendly.

Still unclear is what will take the Gin Mill’s spot at 1411 S Tryon St.