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Biscuitville looks to grow in Bojangles’ backyard

Biscuitville is a little like Bojangles’ – it’s a North Carolina fast-food chain with a focus on fresh biscuits and a cult-like following. One big difference? Greensboro-based Biscuitville doesn’t have any locations within Charlotte, home of Bojangles’.

But that could be changing: Biscuitville, the family-owned breakfast chain that hasn’t built a new restaurant since 2010, says it’s looking to expand in Charlotte, where Bojangles’ began in 1977.

“We’ll be in Charlotte. It won’t be this year or next year, but we have a plan,” said Tim Hegarty, the chain’s chief development officer. Hegarty was brought on about two years ago oversee the renovation of all of Biscuitville’s existing locations, as well as its gradual expansion.

“The plan is to grow within where we operate now to perfect our (current) units,” Hegarty said.

With Bojangles’, Biscuitville will have a homegrown rival that has over 30 locations within Charlotte and has its name on Bojangles’ Coliseum.

“It’s not so much Bojangles’” that has deterred Biscuitville from expanding into Charlotte, Hegarty said. “(Charlotte) would be the biggest city we operate in. We need to make sure when we go in that we go in right.”

Currently, all of Biscuitville’s 54 locations are within 100 miles of its Greensboro headquarters, Hegarty said. The chain will open a new location in Walkertown, just north of Winston-Salem, this summer, then pick up the pace with another two to three openings next year in Raleigh/Durham and Fayetteville, then will turn to Charlotte after that.

That kind of measured growth plan may sound familiar to Bojangles’ fans. When the Charlotte chain went public in 2015, management had laid out an expansion plan to fill in its core in the Carolinas, then gradually spread into adjacent markets. The chain recently announced plans to expand its footprint in the Washington, D.C., area, for instance.

Biscuitville doesn’t have any specific locations picked out in Charlotte yet, but that will soon change, Hegarty said. The closest Biscuitville locations to Charlotte right now are in Indian Trail and Salisbury.

“We plan to grow at a measured pace over the next few years to make sure we don’t overextend ourselves. Want to make sure we have everything in place including the right operations team, the right infrastructure, the ability to fully manage the units we operate.”

He continued: “We’re doing our homework, so when we do step into Charlotte, we’ll be ready to go.”

Katherine Peralta: 704-358-5079, @katieperalta