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Bulldog Beer and Wine will open 2nd Charlotte store

Bulldog Beer and Wine will open up a second Charlotte location that’ll also sell home brew supplies.

Owner Rob Johnson, a Charlotte native, told the Observer he has the lease in hand for the new store but declined to say where it is and when it’ll open. He said his company is still working with the city to iron out some of the finer details.

In addition to its regular assortment of bottled and canned beer, growlers, craft beer on tap, cider and wine selection, Johnson confirmed the new store will sell home brew materials, which are in high demand.

“This is something that people have asked for, something I’m well-versed in, having been an avid home brewer for a dozen years now,” Johnson said. “A lot of people who are into good beer enjoy having a go trying to make beer as well.”

At Johnson’s current Bulldog Beer and Wine store, which opened in 2013, “business couldn’t be better,” he said.

That store is located in Dilworth near the Sedgefield neighborhood and the Park Square shopping center, which includes Run for Your Life and the Wine Shop. Johnson previously operated a shop in Boone that also sold craft brew materials.

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