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Carowinds to add more rides in its expanded Snoopy-themed kids’ park

Rendering of Carowinds’ expanded kids’ area
Rendering of Carowinds’ expanded kids’ area Courtesy of Carowinds

Carowinds is opening an expanded Snoopy-themed kids’ area.

Expected to be ready for the spring 2018 season, “Camp Snoopy” upgrades will include new rides, a new playing area and improvements to the child-care facility and restaurant, the theme park said in a statement Wednesday.

Carowinds said its new, 8,000 square-foot climb and play area, called “Beagle Scout Acres,” will include a fenced-in toddler area, a new hill to play on and new wooden playground structures.

Also new is the Pre-K Pass, a season pass that will offer free admission to kids ages 3-5 for 2018, as well as the remainder of 2017. The passes can be purchased online, the park says.

Carowinds, a 400-acre park on the border of North and South Carolina, has gotten a number of other upgrades recently.

Rendering of Carowinds’ expanded kids’ area Courtesy of Carowinds

Earlier this year, Carowinds began work on Electro-Spin, one of four new “classic family rides” that will be in the park’s County Fair section. Other new attractions include the Fury 325, which Carowinds opened in 2015 and calls the “world’s tallest and fastest giga coaster.” Last spring, Carowinds unveiled its newly expanded and rebranded water park, which it says is the largest of its kind in the Carolinas.

Here are the details of the five new rides:

▪ Camp Bus, a bus-style ride that will lift riders into the air and smoothly back down

▪ Peanuts Trailblazers includes a Jeep-themed vehicle on a small speedway

▪ Kite Eating Tree, a vehicle that travels up and down a tree

▪ Pig Pen’s Mud Buggies will take guests on a bumpy ride around the popular Pig Pen character

▪ Woodstock Whirlybirds is a classic ride with oversized birds nest that riders spin around

Rendering of Carowinds’ expanded kids’ area Courtesy of Carowinds