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Brewpublik gets crafty with leftover beer from promotion

Compliments of Brewpublik

Brewpublik, the Charlotte craft beer delivery startup, has figured out a creative way to use all the leftovers of a recent promotion in which it collected unwanted six-packs in exchange for local brews.

The company will use the beer to cook shrimp for an all-you-can-eat Lowcountry boil it’s hosting on June 7 at NoDa Brewing from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The event features seafood, potatoes and sausage provided by Tupelo Honey and beer from NoDa.

The $5 ticket for the event can be purchased online, and Brewpublik is limiting availability to 150 tickets. Brewpublik is encouraging patrons to stick around to watch the Charlotte Independence soccer game afterward.

“We had all this beer and were trying to figure out what to do with it,” says Zach Jamison, co-founder of Brewpublik.

In the promotion earlier this month, Jamison says, Brewpublik delivered 83 packs of Charlotte craft beer, including beer from NoDa, Triple C, Unknown and OMB.

(All the bad or skunked beer Brewpublik collected has been tossed and won’t be used for the boil, Jamison says.)

Brewpublik had about 13 people sign up for its services after the promotion, Jamison says, and had a “huge influx” of followers on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

“We did it to promote local beer,” Jamison says. “And also just to get our name out.”

The company launched earlier this year and delivers craft beer in either a 12- or 24-pack to homes within a 30-minute radius of uptown Charlotte once a month. The beer is delivered in a wooden crate and costs $35, $60 or $90, depending on the subscription.

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