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Get Carolina-style pork and Texas-style brisket at soon-to-open Charlotte restaurant

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Charlotte restauranteur Jim Noble plans to open his fifth restaurant, Noble Smoke, next month after more than two decades of research and planning.

The restaurant is set to officially open July 25 at 2216 Freedom Drive in Charlotte’s Ashley Park neighborhood, according to a news release from Noble’s company, Food & Pursuits.

Noble’s new restaurant will feature “heartfelt” Southern barbecue. The cooking will also be “an ode to his North Carolina upbringing” because he’ll use a 1,800-square-foot smokehouse with two traditional North Carolina masonry barbecue pits, according to the release.

“My hope with Noble Smoke is to carry on the tradition of classic, wood-smoked Carolina barbecue and honor all of the barbecue legends who came before me,” Noble said in the release.

Noble Smoke will serve both Carolina-style pork and Texas-style brisket alongside seasonal vegetables and Southern side dishes, according to the press release.

The restaurant will have:

  • A dining room and bar with seating for more than 200
  • An event space with capacity of 80 to 120 guest
  • A biergarten with seating for another 200 guests
  • A brewery space

Aspects of the restaurant will honor his family that introduced him to his love of Southern food, and the masonry pits and steel smokers will be named after his family members.

Noble also owns The King’s Kitchen, two locations of Rooster’s Wood-Fired Kitchen and Copain Gatherings, all located in uptown Charlotte.