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Epicentre Gold’s Gym is closed. But members can still use a gym around the corner

The Gold’s Gym at the Epicentre closed on Sunday. No new tenant has been named.
The Gold’s Gym at the Epicentre closed on Sunday. No new tenant has been named. Observer Archive

The Gold’s Gym at the Epicentre in uptown Charlotte closed last week. But a nearby gym — Charlotte Athletic Club — will accept the Gold’s Gym members without additional fees.

Jim Donnelly, partner and co-founder of Charlotte Athletic Club, said even though the athletic club has higher rates, it will accept the Gold’s Gym membership rates, which include personal training memberships.

“There will be a long-term plan around rates and where members can work out,” Donnelly said. “Those details will be worked out over time. In the short-term we will honor all of the Gold’s contracts.”

The athletic club does not know yet what it will charge Gold’s Gym members in the future, Donnelly said.

After the Gold’s Gym at the Epicentre closed on June 30, Donnelly said the number of people visiting Charlotte Athletic Club’s facilities has increased. He said Gold’s Gym members are exploring the athletic club for the first time, causing the spike in visits. Donnelly said he expects the increase in attendance to be short-lived as people return to their workout routines.

To accommodate the influx of members, Donnelly said Charlotte Athletic Club is adding equipment and staff, completing renovations to showers and men’s locker rooms, and adjusting fitness class schedules over the next few weeks.

Charlotte Athletic Club has two locations in uptown — on Trade and Tryon streets and in the Duke Energy Center — and Donnelly said Gold’s Gym members can choose the location they want to use.

In a statement, Gold’s Gym said it closed its 36,000-square-foot Epicentre location because it “no longer fits our model with its limited parking, limited space, and limited amenity options.”

In the statement, Gold’s Gym said “it became apparent that a fitness facility was not in the best long term interest for the use of the space and the center.”

It is not yet known what will replace it. A spokesman for the Epicentre said it does not comment on leasing agreements.

Gold’s Gym opened in the central uptown entertainment center in 2012, a year in which the Epicentre reached 93% capacity and added tenants such as Tin Roof, the Observer reported at the time.

There are six other Gold’s Gym locations in the Charlotte region: in the Highland Creek neighborhood and in surrounding cities and town, such as Harrisburg, Mooresville, Concord, Albemarle and in Cornelius near Lake Norman.