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Heirloom Restaurant is for sale; chef Clark Barlowe is moving

Clark Barlowe, the chef-owner of Heirloom Restaurant, is selling his business and moving to Oregon.
Clark Barlowe, the chef-owner of Heirloom Restaurant, is selling his business and moving to Oregon. CharlotteFive archives

When you’ve found the one, there is nothing or no one that can keep you from being with them. Even if that means putting your award-winning restaurant on the market and moving almost 3,000 miles across the country.

Chef Clark Barlowe, owner of Heirloom Restaurant, announced Wednesday that he is putting the building on the market. While many would assume that it’s due to issues with the restaurant or something within the Charlotte market, it’s actually neither.

“My fiancee has been so supportive in helping me to achieve my goals,” Barlowe told CharlotteFive. “She recently got her PhD and was offered an amazing opportunity in Eugene, Oregon. So, I decided that now it’s time for me to be the supportive one.”

With him being so far from Charlotte, it would be hard to personally run and keep up with the day-to-day operations of the business. So, Barlowe feels that turning it over to someone else is the better option.

The Mountain Island Lake building at 8470 Bellhaven Blvd. is now on the general buying market for $190,000. Barlowe is offering it to anyone wanting to take over the Heirloom brand or looking to build their own concept. His only requirement is that they be a good steward of the building.

“I will be as hands-on as the new owner would like for me to be as they transition into the space. I’m not in a huge rush to leave the area yet, I just wanted to get the process started early.”

Barlowe will remain in Charlotte over the next 6-12 months, to oversee the sale and eventually close things up on his end.

As of now, he doesn’t have any concrete plans once he gets to Eugene. But, he is exploring a potential opportunity to open a new restaurant there in the next few years.

“I plan to do some things in the wine industry, as well as host some pop-ups before I dive back into opening a restaurant. I plan to take a little break first,” Barlowe said.

As for the wedding, the two will tie the knot this November here in Charlotte.

This story first appeared at CharlotteFive.com.