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Mike’s Discount Beverages auctioning assets to make way for Pasta & Provisions

Mike’s Discount will be sold to a different operator or relocated, possibly to downtown Pineville.
Mike’s Discount will be sold to a different operator or relocated, possibly to downtown Pineville. ogaines@charlotteobserver.com

After more than 30 years in business, Mike’s Discount Beverages is closing its doors at 4700 Park Road. The alcoholic beverage store is selling its equipment to make way for the Pasta & Provisions that will soon take its place.

The neighborhood retailer has operated in its spot just south of the Woodlawn Road intersection since 1974, when Mike Brawley started the business in an old gas station. Brawley sold the store to current owner Parviz Shahdad in 1987.

Shahdad said Mike’s Discount will either be sold to a different operator or relocate to another spot, possibly in downtown Pineville, where he’s still eyeing locations. Shahdad says he hopes to complete the sale of the store’s assets by July 4, his father’s birthday.

The sale of Mike’s Discount items -- which includes a variety of goods including kegs, wooded tables and boxes of wine -- is being done via an online auction by Iron Horse Auction Co. and runs through 3 p.m. Wednesday.

Shahdad is emphatic about the loyalty of his customers -- many have been coming to the store for three decades and many live nearby. Shadad says over the years, he’s always tried to take care of customers “like they’re family.” He told the Observer he’s confident many of his regulars will follow wherever the business moves.

“Small businesses last because of the loyalty of the customers,” he says.

A new location, Shahdad adds, would provide a “fresh start” for the company. He calls the rapid growth of new businesses and prices in the Park Road area “ridiculous” -- when he took over the business, Shahdad says, the area was considered to be somewhat on the fringes of the city.

Competition in the local beverage market heated up in May 2003, when Brawley’s son, Michael, opened Brawley’s Beverage across the street. An Observer story from August 2003 notes that the elder Brawley may have never left the business were it not for the murder of three of his employees during late-night robberies in the early 1980s.

Pasta & Provisions, the Italian specialty store, currently has one store on Providence Road and confirmed on its Facebook page this spring that its new location will be at 4700 Park Road.

Pasta & Provisions told the Observer in March that it plans to open its new shop in late summer or early fall. A representative from the food store was not available to comment Monday.

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