Hickory-based Lion Consulting Group consultants: Streamline filing systems

What changes can you make to your business to trim time and work smarter? For the next four weeks, we’ll feature time-saving tips for business owners from Tom Frenier and Rex Ferguson. They are partners with Hickory-based Lion Consulting Group, working as business advisers and mentors with small and medium-sized companies to help them run more efficiently.

Establish a filing system: Employees waste hours each year looking for misplaced items in the office. Many staffers have no idea how to organize the overwhelming amount of daily information they receive both electronically and on paper. Bring some consistency to your filing systems by developing a simple system for your papers. For some businesses, using a chronological system based on due dates works best, while for others, a subject-based system is best. Have each employee describe their system to everyone to facilitate easy retrieval by all.

Next week: Do it now. Stop procrastinating.