Next time the weather’s bad, owners plan to enjoy it, promote online sales

Shop Talk reporter Virginia Bridges asked small-business owners what they will do differently when responding to ice and snow next year. This is what they said.

▪ “As business owners, and with the advancement of technology today, we are expected to be on at all times, because regardless of the weather conditions we can still send emails and meet with clients virtually,” said Dominique Clark, professional matchmaker and relationship coach at DClark & Co. “Next year I’ll actually take the time to appreciate the snow without ignoring all its beauty. Nothing wrong with enjoying a snow day and having a good ole snowball fight every now and then, right?”

▪ “There’s no controlling mother nature. And you can never make back sales from snow or winter weather closures,” said Jen Hankin, director of communication for Joint Venture Jewelry and Peachy Keen in Cary. “Next year, we plan to add some online sales and promotion for clients stuck at home.”

▪ “With the nature of our shop and yard being mostly exposed to the elements, there is not much we can do differently,” said Jenny Sellars, owner of SuzAnna’s Antiques, a Raleigh antique and garden shop. “But we are ramping up for our busy spring season and will leave the snow and cold in the past. Thank goodness.”