6 tips for brides from Charlotte’s longtime expert

6 expert tips

for brides

Betty Mims knows the makings of a successful wedding – and how to jeopardize it. Here are her do’s and don’ts:

DON’T shop with a posse: Mims says years ago, brides-to-be mostly shopped with their mothers or fathers. Now they’ll bring practically the whole wedding party. But that means brides are more susceptible to group-think. And though she hates to admit it, she’s seen many a jealous bridesmaid try to talk the bride into a dress that she didn’t love.

DO manage your expectations: Mims says most every bride comes in saying, “I want something (thoughtful pause) different.” But there are only so many styles: A-frame, strapless, mermaid, high neck, low neck, one-shoulder, ballgowns. It’s the bride’s personal style that makes them different. That and accessories, Mims’ favorite. “The cutest thing I ever saw for ‘something blue’ was a consignment dress that had a Tar Heel sewn inside it.”

DON’T do something you’ll regret: Mims says one pregnant bride wanted to list information about the baby shower on the wedding invitation “to save on postage.” Mims, who says she never wants to do something she’s not proud of, refused.

DO make a deposit: Many a bride has thought she secured the reception location only to find it was double-booked or her information was misplaced, Mims says.

DON’T ask for money as a gift: It’s tacky, she says. “And everybody already knows you want money.”

DO send a thank-you note: “People don’t think they have to do it any more,” she says, “but old people love it.”