Small-business selfie winner: Karl Haberyan of Providence Nursery Farms in Monroe

You know those hand-under-the-boat selfies that people take at the beach to make it look like they’ve got a watercraft in the palm of their hand?

That’s the look Charlotte Haberyan was going for when she snapped this photo of her husband, Karl, “holding” Sunrose, one of his three pet cows. They’re on the property of Providence Nursery Farms, Karl Haberyan’s Monroe-based business specializing in plant sales and landscaping.

“I was using my iPod touch. It was hard to see because of the glare,” Charlotte Haberyan explains.

“(I said) ‘Just hold your hand up and maybe we’ll get lucky.’ ”

For striking the perfect pose, we’re sending the Haberyans a $10 gift card to Brixx Pizza.

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