Small-business selfie winner: Michelle Icard, creator of Athena's Path and Hero's Pursuit programs for middle schoolers

Here’s Michelle Icard, creator of Athena’s Path and Hero’s Pursuit, social leadership programs for middle school kids. Icard’s business, Michelle in the Middle, helps families navigate the middle-school scene.

“This is me with a group of Athena’s Path campers this week. I also wrote a blog called “You’re More Than A Selfie!” (on to teach teens important lessons and uses for selfie,” such as posting more well-rounded images showing their interests, ideas and hobbies.

She gives our small-business selfie feature a thumbs up: “The Observer’s column is a great use of a selfie!” Icard writes.

So we’re sending Icard a ShopTalk travel mug. Send us your selfie and you could win a travel mug, too. Use your mobile device to take candid photos of yourself in your business, showing off what you do in your environment. You can ask someone to take photos of you, too, but we don’t want professional shots. We’re looking for candids that capture the selfie spirit.

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