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7-Eleven franchise fees waived at 13 Charlotte stores

(AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

Franchise fees will be waived for 13 Charlotte-area 7-Eleven stores as part of a plan to expand the convenience retailer’s footprint in the area and turn more of its stores into franchise operations.

Between now and June 30, would-be and current franchisees interested in owning a 7-Eleven or growing their customer base will not have to pay upfront franchise fees at about 200 stores nationwide –accumulating a possible savings of up to $80,000, according to a company news release.

Only a select number of cities are eligible for the Zero Franchise Fee Initiative, announced two weeks ago at an annual franchise convention in Las Vegas. Other stores included in the initiative are in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Baltimore, Richmond, Va., Portland, Ore., Orlando, Jacksonville, Fla., and Manhattan, New York – areas where 7-Eleven’s sales volume is typically lower compared to the national average.

“We’ve done a lot of acquisitions and obtained a lot of stores we think (could be) really vibrant if we had the right people as franchisees getting involved with the community and hiring from the community,” said Margaret Chabris, 7-Eleven spokeswoman.

The Dallas-based retailer has opened more than 1,300 locations in the last four years. In 2012, 7-Eleven acquired and converted 29 Sam Mart’s in the Charlotte-area. While franchise fees vary from store-to-store, the average fee for a store in the Carolinas, including Charlotte, is $139,828, Chabris said.

Franchisees will still be responsible for about $30,000 in licensing permits, down-payment and inventory costs, and undergo the standard franchising process, which includes sales manager interviews, qualification testing and training.

Stores in the Charlotte-area eligible for zero franchise fees include:

▪ 2519 Beatties Ford Road

▪ 8325 Old Statesville Road

▪ 9025 Mallard Creek Road

▪ 2901 Yorkmont Road

▪ 4808 Brookshire Blvd.

▪ 2415 Little Rock Road

▪ 6401 Old Statesville Road

▪ 7340 Poplar Tent Road - Concord

▪ 2700 Old Monroe Road - Matthews

▪ 1828 N. Charlotte Ave. - Monroe

▪ 1698 E. Marion St. – Shelby

▪ 4850 Charlotte Highway – Lake Wylie, S.C.

▪ 1657 Cherry Road - Rock Hill, S.C.

Visit 7-Eleven’s franchise Web page to learn more.