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Top Workplaces that have fun

Teams that work hard sometimes play hard to shake off stress and keep their focus. Here are a few of the ways that Top Workplaces in Charlotte keep the atmosphere lively.

Cardinal Solutions Group sponsors extracurricular softball and soccer teams in addition to monthly gatherings featuring games, sand volleyball and poker nights. Video games, foosball and ping pong tables, and an outdoor balcony are found in break areas. Weekly wellness efforts incorporate fresh fruits and healthy snacks, plus a Fitbit program.

CCS Construction Staffing offers all employees tickets to Charlotte Hornets, Panthers and Knights games. Weekly lunches and free snacks keep everyone well fed, while an onsite fitness center gets people moving.

Conclusive Analytics is located in an office park that provides employees with amenities such as free workout and health information classes, walking and biking trails, food truck visits and a weekly farmers’ market.

Flores & Associates benefits include abbreviated summer hours, along with company sponsored year-round sports leagues, tickets to Charlotte Knights and Panthers games, and a FloresFit program at its on-site fitness center. The company hosts annual employee and family events.

Magellan Aviation Group hosts an extravagant Christmas party each year, along with baseball outings, golf tournaments and after work bar nights. Friday mornings start off with a free breakfasts, and every once in awhile there’s a surprise lunch. Break rooms are fully stocked with snacks and beverages.

CapTech Ventures, Inc. has monthly CapTech Nights that combine office updates with camaraderie, drinks and food. Managers have company-funded team outings four times each year that include volunteering, sporting events and happy hours.

Consolidated Planning Inc. holds a CP Day of Service in which workers serve at a charity in the morning, then have fun in the afternoon.

Source: Workplace Dynamics

– Heidi Finley