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‘All in, all win’ spirit pushes employees toward success

RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corp. employees often gather for games during quarterly town hall meetings.
RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corp. employees often gather for games during quarterly town hall meetings. Photo courtesy of RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing

Jessica Pejka, a MSR transaction manager at RoundPoint Mortgage Servicing Corporation, is a big believer in the company’s motto.

“‘All in, all win,’ and it’s exactly what it sounds like,” said Pejka, who works with clients and sellers to grow Roundpoint’s portfolio. “Everyone is working together, and we’re a team.”

That spirit has led the company, as its tripled in size the past 4 years, she said.

The private mortgage servicing company was founded in 2007. It now has about 550 employees at its Charlotte headquarters.

“Everyone here, no matter what position they’re in, is completely dedicated to pushing RoundPoint forward,” Pejka said, adding that the executive team is working just as hard in leading by example, and that makes her and others want to work harder.

At the same time, it’s recognized at RoundPoint that to be effective, people need mental breaks during the day and after the workday is over, she said.

Pejka also works as a committee chairperson for RoundPoint’s employee engagement team. She and her teammates carve out extra time to volunteer for the role and come in earlier or stay later as needed to make sure co-workers’ voices get heard and to help plan events such as volunteering for Habitat for Humanity, or the monthly happy hour held at various locations around town.

RoundPoint also keeps an eye on employees’ health to keep everyone actively engaged on all levels. A group workout is offered twice a week, and a recent “walk and chill event’ got workers trotting around the office complex for 30 minutes and was topped off with popsicles afterward.

Pejka said the mortgage servicer’s leadership team is great at recognizing talent and putting people in positions to utilize their talents best. Although many employees start out in the call center because it’s the biggest department, they’re often quickly put on a path to somewhere else.

“No one is ever going to keep you down here,” she said. “If you want to learn a new position, everyone is always open to that.”

Another plus to the company’s executive team is that those leaders take time to ask questions, explain decisions and recount previous experiences in which they’ve learned something, she said. “You get all the benefit of their experience … and hands on teaching.”

Her coworkers agree. One responded in the Top Workplaces survey: “I also love how the senior managers are down to earth and are never reluctant to come to our meetings to inform us on how our job roles are so critical to the company. They make the workers feel greatly appreciated.”

The best part about working at RoundPoint overall, Pejka said, is the company’s size and rate of growth.

“You truly can put your career on any path you want to and be able to get there. We’re not so big at this point that you’re going to get lost in the crowd. We’re at the perfect size where you can make your mark and find your skill set.”