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True Homes: Bringing ‘more life’ and possibility into the homes of associates, clients, partners

True Homes’sales team meets up on implementing its strategy.
True Homes’sales team meets up on implementing its strategy. Photo courtesy of True Homes

This year, Mark Boyce and Dan Horner are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the company they co-founded.

They worked together in Indianapolis before moving their families to the Charlotte area in 2007 to put “ourselves in place for greatest possibility and potential,” Boyce said. That’s when True Homes, LLC began.

In the beginning, the pair set out to create a company that expressed who they wanted to be and what they wanted to be about with their shared vision, shared mission and shared set of values. Horner and Boyce decided on four core values upon which they would build the foundation for True Homes: people, faith, life and sustainability

“That really has been the secret sauce of our journey together,” Horner said.

Now, that company has grown into a privately held Monroe-based homebuilder with 191 employees in the Charlotte area. It builds in five markets across the Carolinas.

“Yes, we build homes,” Horner said. “But at True, we’re incredibly people-centric, and that’s a byproduct of how we see our faith and why we want to have a sustainable business.”

He noted that we live in a busy world and said True Homes aims to “create solutions that help people live with more margins and a deeper sense of purpose and their own personal values” working to get people “more life.”

Horner said the vision of “‘more life’ is real here, and we see that impacting our associates in very meaningful ways … transformative ways, practical and personal to each person here.” He added: “We create solutions that help people live with more margins, a deeper sense of purpose and their own personal values – a vision of what more life looks like to them.”

That spotlight encompasses everyone at True Homes, including not only clients and associates, but also the company’s trade partners.

“Seeing that ‘more life’ proposition impacting relationships, attitudes and dynamics about how people are approaching their life is very gratifying,” Horner said.

Boyce said the nature of the homebuilding business is such that the company has an incredible diversity of people in skills and giftedness, and they appreciate the opportunity to work with such a talented group and see how they come together.

“What I’m excited about is the quality of the people we have on the team,” Boyce said. “The quality of the people that we have on our team and are able to attract and retain is fabulous.”

There’s an “extraordinary synergy that comes about because of that diversity” that’s inspiring, he said.

After a decade of growth that has built the residential construction team into 275 employees and a leadership team of more than 30 people, Horner and Boyce are looking ahead.

“We’re excited about standing at the beginning of the next 10 years of our journey for what it holds for our people and our vision of providing the opportunity for more life,” Boyce said.