North Charlotte neighbors say they’re terrorized by free roaming pit bulls

Neighbors in a northeast Charlotte community say they fear for their lives because of two aggressive dogs roaming their neighborhood, reports the Observer’s news partner WBTV.

“My concern is I have two loose pit bulls running around, started coming at my house, trying to get in at my doors, at my windows,” one neighbor on Purser Drive told WBTV. “I’m scared to death to get outside now.”

Neighbor Jennifer Almazo said the same thing happened to her family.

“We couldn’t get out of the house,” she told WBTV. “Actually growling and barking at the door. Thank God there’s a glass because my kids were about to come out and they were jumping and we got scared.”

Almazo added: “We’ve only seen them twice but they’re very aggressive dogs...I’m afraid if the kids are like right now playing outside they’re going to get attacked by them. You can’t really talk to them. They’ll just see you and they’ll... I think they’ll attack.”

Another resident of the area told WBTV the dogs killed her cat on the sidewalk.

Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Animal Control told WBTV that officers responded to Purser Drive on Saturday and Sunday for calls for two aggressive dogs. A spokesperson said she couldn’t elaborate on the calls but said “this is an active case and is currently being investigated.”

The neighbors’ concerns are legitimate: An 84-year-old woman was mauled to death in March by two pit bulls in south Charlotte. And in April, pit bulls were accused of seriously injuring 9-year-old Jonathan Robero as he was playing near Archdale Park in Charlotte.