Wondering why your mail is late? Blame Hurricane Matthew

A United States Postal Service mail truck
A United States Postal Service mail truck etracy@modbee.com

Nearly two weeks after Hurricane Matthew devastated parts of the Carolinas coast, mail delivery is still late in some areas of Charlotte because of the storm.

Record-breaking flooding caused by Matthew in central and Eastern North Carolina forced the temporary closure of the mail processing center in Fayetteville.

That forced the U.S. Postal Service to shift mail processing to alternative sites, including to a mail processing center in Charlotte, spokesman Philip Bogenberger said Thursday in a statement to the Observer.

“Due to the temporary volume increase in mail processed in Charlotte, some neighborhoods experienced later-than-normal deliveries,” according to the statement.

Bogenberger said Charlotte mail delivery has returned to normal in most areas, but several homeowners told the Observer they’re still getting their mail hours late. Mail also has been delivered to the wrong homes, they said.

One homeowner said his mail carrier told him he’s been working “triple duty” since the storm.

The homeowner said his carrier told him that mail from the Fayetteville center being processed in Charlotte has received priority over processing of Charlotte mail, which Bogenberger confirmed. That’s because of the distance involved in getting the mail back to the coast, he said.

The Fayetteville center is still closed, Bogenberger said.

As for Charlotte mail delivery, he said: “Every day things get back to normal. If not today, then by tomorrow.”

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