State will not appeal ex-employee’s right to hearing

Staff reports

Joe Vincoli
Joe Vincoli

The N.C. Department of Public Safety will not appeal a ruling that gave a legal victory to a Forsyth County resident who wants to find out why he was fired from his state job, the Winston-Salem Journal reports.

Joseph Vincoli worked for more than three years in an administrative role with the state Corrections Department, attaining career status before he was terminated in 2013.

The state Appeals Court ruled Nov. 1 that Vincoli has a right to a state hearing so that he can inquire about the circumstances of his firing, according to the Winston-Salem Journal report. The public safety department had until Monday to appeal the ruling to the N.C. Supreme Court.

Although the appeals court ruling pertains to Vincoli, it appeared from Judge Richard Dietz’s concurring opinion that it could affect an additional 1,199 state employees who also were shifted from nonexempt to exempt career status.

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