Charlotte strip club loses ABC license for history of assaults, rape, murder

A north Charlotte strip club that saw one of its patrons fatally shot a week ago has lost its liquor license over what the North Carolina ABC Commission called “a pattern of violence” that has included murder and rape.

The latest violent incident at Lust of Charlotte involved a staff member, who is now charged with the Nov. 27 murder of Gregory Spearman, said the commission. Lust of Charlotte, also known as Club Lust, is at 124 Atando Ave., just off North Tryon Street.

A statement from the ABC Commission released late Friday said the club’s alcohol permit suspension remains in effect until the case can be heard by the Office of Administrative Hearings. A hearing date was not disclosed, but state officials said the proceedings will be “prompt.”

Lust of Charlotte has been the site of at least two deadly shootings since 2013. And court documents show that between Dec. 7, 2015, and July 22, 2016, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police were called to the club for three assaults, one aggravated assault, an armed robbery and a rape.

A club official could not be reached for comment Saturday.

The Nov. 27, shooting took place at 3:37 a.m., police say. Investigators said Spearman, 34, was shot inside the bar and died later at a hospital.

Wade Adam Mosley, 27, who worked security at the club, was charged with the murder later that morning. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police have not released details of what happened to prompt the violence, but ABC Commission documents say a fight broke out among several patrons and ended with shots fired.

Mosley reportedly stood over Spearman as he crawled on the club’s floor “pointing and possibly taunting,” said an affidavit included in the ABC Commission’s case report. Mosley then got his coat and walked out of the club, bending to pick up a bullet shell casing before he left, documents said.

“Though club management initially denied the relationship, an employee of the business working as security staff allegedly fired the gun that resulted in the death of a club patron,” said a statement from the Commission.

“The location has experienced a pattern of violence in the past 12 months, including multiple incidents of assault and a rape.”

Lust of Charlotte received temporary ABC permits on May 1, 2015, and has held its current ABC permits since Dec. 8, 2015, state officials said.

An Observer story from 2013 noted a 22-year-old man was killed at the same site in September of that year, when it was known as Club 124.

A website called The Ultimate Strip Club List says Lust of Charlotte has bikini dancers, topless dancers, nude dancers, lap dances and private lap dance rooms.

The ABC commission oversees permits allowing alcohol sales by more than 18,000 retail outlets across the state.