Sports world snorts at Rivera benching Cam Newton for not having tie

Cam Newton violates Panthers dress code

Panthers quarterback Cam Newton did not start in Carolina's 40-7 loss to the Seahawks because he did not wear a tie on the team plane to Seattle.
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Panthers quarterback Cam Newton did not start in Carolina's 40-7 loss to the Seahawks because he did not wear a tie on the team plane to Seattle.

Cam Newton’s sense of style has earned him headlines all season, but on Sunday, it was what he didn’t wear that made national news: A tie.

Newton was apparently benched for part of Sunday’s game for not adhering to league policy of wearing a tie prior to the game. The internet went crazy, some debating the decision, others noting the irony of a man known for his fashion sense not being able to find a tie.

From NBC.com

“Does it make sense to bench the starting quarterback because he didn’t have his clothes due to a travel mishap?... What it is, is one of the most bizarre coaching decisions in the history of the NFL. The league’s reigning Most Valuable Player was benched over his clothing.”

From The Province

“In the aftermath of Tie-Gate, it’s hard to know what was more confusing: Ron Rivera’s decision to hold Cam Newton out of the starting lineup or Newton’s explanation of the dress code violation which led to his benching...The irony of all this, of course, is Newton often appears in public dressed like Jim Carrey in The Mask, sporting all manner of colourful ties and equally colourful looks.”

From Fox Sports

“Ignoring the hilarity and irony of Cam Newton getting a dress-code violation -- no, strike that, we can't ignore it...Overall, he dresses like a 1950s traveling salesman who's part of a barbershop quartet that exclusively performs songs from Fred Astaire movies. So the idea that he could get a dress-code violation from anything but the back page of Us Weekly is staggering.

From Business Insider

“Cam Newton was mysteriously benched to start the "Sunday Night Football" game against the Seattle Seahawks. While it was later reported that he was benched for breaking the team's dress code, many are raising their eyebrows at the explanation....(It) was immediately met with skepticism from many in and around the NFL.”

From Yahoo! Sports

“The irony of this, of course, is that Newton is a noted clothes horse who shows up to his post game press conferences in some elaborate outfits, one more gregarious than the next. There’s also this: Newton has a clothing line called “MADE” and … he even makes a tie! Yes, you too can own a Newton tie (price: $19.99 — down from $50, which is not too shabby), but he apparently did not have one on at some point leading up to Sunday night.”

From Larry Brown Sports

“They may need to change his nickname from “Riverboat Ron” to “Discipline Ron” after what happened on Sunday night...Given all the wacky outfits Newton’s worn over the years, it was hard for many to believe that he was in violation of some dress code.”

From Sports Illustrated

“The call Panthers coach Ron Rivera made on Sunday night (is) the most stunning gamble for a coach whose entire personal brand is built on unexpected risk-taking...Was this punishment a rules-are-rules formality, or did Rivera lay down the law on Sunday to send a message to his franchise player that as the team slides out of playoff contention, his zany post game looks get less and less entertaining?”

from Cox Media

“When you bench Panthers quarterback Cam Newton for a rules violation, you better one heck of a reason – especially when the backup throws an interception on the first play of the game...What makes Rivera look like a bigger joke to his players? Not sitting Newton for violating minor team rules, or benching him for play, and as soon as it backfires, putting the guy right back on the field?”

From USAToday

“The fact that this happened at all is somehow fitting for the Panthers amid this messy season. At 4-8, Carolina almost certainly won’t make the playoffs now, a year after finishing 15-1 and advancing to the Super Bowl.”