Paula Broadwell to CBS: ‘A bit of a shocker’ Petraeus considered for cabinet post

Paula Broadwell
Paula Broadwell

In a rare interview, Charlotte resident Paula Broadwell told “CBS This Morning” it was “a bit of a shocker” that ex-CIA director David Petraeus was under consideration for a cabinet post in the Trump White House.

Broadwell, a counter-terrorism expert, became the center of international media attention in 2012 after news broke that she’d had an affair with Petraeus, who was the CIA director and formerly the country’s top military commander in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Broadwell spent time with him while researching her biography of Petraeus.

Petraeus resigned as CIA director after admitting the relationship with Broadwell, with whom he shared classified information. Last year, he pleaded guilty in federal court to mishandling government documents, a misdemeanor, and was fined $100,000. Broadwell was never charged and has apologized for the relationship.

Petraeus is one of several people that President-elect Donald Trump is considering for Secretary of State.

In the interview that aired Thursday morning, Broadwell said, “I think (Petraeus is) unequally qualified for many positions, but that’s not my position to say.” She also expressed a desire to be able to get on with her life.

Broadwell told CBS she was denied a position at a prominent, unnamed bank, saying, “I was told by the military recruiter that it would be front page news if I got hired at the bank, and the bank wouldn’t want to deal with that.”

Broadwell also said her husband and children have been “incredibly supportive” of her, saying, “I think time heals everything.”