Stolen service medals returned to veteran victimized by thieves

Asuntae Tre Hawkins
Asuntae Tre Hawkins

A Navy recruiter who served in the Middle East has won his service medals back a second time, after Gastonia Police recovered them from alleged thieves.

The medals were earned by Chevaris Jennett for serving tours to Iraq, Kuwait and Bahrain, reports the Gaston Gazette.

A call from Gastonia Police late Thursday confirmed three men had broken into Jennett’s vehile and took the medals, along with coins, a Samsung tablet and cash, the Gazette reports. The theft occurred earlier that day outside of Jennett’s home in Gastonia, it was reported.

Three Gastonia men – Carlik Marquis Gill, Zarin Michael Sutton and Asuntae Tre Hawkins – face multiple charges of breaking and entering of a motor vehicle and misdemeanor larceny, according to jail records.

Jennett told the Gazette the medals are priceless to him: “I can't get those medals back if I was to lose them.”