Spring Break tradition of Red Solo Cup fades, as beach drinkers get sneakier

Red Solo Cups: No longer cool at the beaches of Florida during Spring Break.
Red Solo Cups: No longer cool at the beaches of Florida during Spring Break. kkfoster@thestate.com

It’s tough to resist a story that could make recent college grads feel old (like the rest of us), so we’re thrilled to report Red Solo cups are apparently considered old fashioned by the latest generation of Spring Breakers.

In an effort to avoid attracting the attention of police, college students have recently begun switching to the YETI, a stainless steel tumbler that promises to keep beer and magaritas at the right temperature for hours, reports the Daytona Beach News & Journal.

Plus, the cups have a lid to keep sand out of one’s beer.

The News & Journal reports says a lot of oceanside communities in Florida forbid drinking alcohol on beaches, which is why students are trying to hide their booze.

SOLO cups and other disposable drink and food containers made of plastic and Styrofoam are also not allowed on the beach, which is another reason students are turning to clandestine cups.

The YETI is legal and the lid definitely makes it tougher for police to tell what students are drinking, police admit. But officers claim they can still spot the drinkers, who they say tend to get less cautious after having a few too many, the News & Journal reported.

"People tend to hold their beers differently than they hold their Cokes or their Mt. Dews," one official told the News & Journal.