Boom! ‘Light burst into the room,’ and the roof started to burn

Huntersville Fire Department

Huntersville firefighters say a bolt of lightning started the fire that heavily damaged a home in west Huntersville Tuesday evening.

The department reported the fire broke out about 9 p.m., on Latta Springs Circle. Photos tweeted out by the department show flames shooting through the roof.

Firefighters had the fire under control in about 24 minutes. No one was injured, but a family of four is now displaced.

The family living in the home described what it sounded like when the fire sparked, reported the Observer’s news partner WBTV.

“It was almost like an M-80, about five or six M-80s going off simultaneously, boom!” Brad Smith told WBTV

“When the lightning hit the house, it was jolting. It was shocking. For me, the light burst in the room where I was,” Gwen Smith told WBTV.

The lightning was part of a thunderstorm system that crossed the area late Tuesday, including some reports of large hail.

Temperatures Wednesday are expected to be 15 degrees cooler than Tuesday.