Dog poop feud among Rock Hill neighbors escalates to mysteriously delivered bag of ...

“I swear, I’m innocent,” says Fido.
“I swear, I’m innocent,” says Fido.

Have you had your fill, so to speak, of neighbors using your lawn as one big canine restroom?

Well, one Rock Hill woman told police she was victimized in what may be an escalating dog poop war in that town’s Ridge Pointe neighborhood, reports the Rock Hill Herald.

The victim told police someone left a mysterious bag on her porch Thursday – hanging from her doorknob, no less – and it turned out to be full of...well, you can guess.

She told Rock Hill police there was a note inside her not-so-special delivery that said: “This is the last time ...” She believes it was from someone angry over dog waste left in a yard, it was reported.

However, the recipient says she and her dog are both innocent. She says she always picks up any poop her pup produces, the Herald said.

It was unclear if police have any suspects.

Coincidentally, the Web site Dogtalk101.com says dog poop is toxic to your lawn, and the Environmental Protection Agency says pet waste is a dangerous pollutant similar to toxic chemicals and oil.