There was a tornado Sunday in Charlotte region? Spotter claims to have seen it

By Leigh Brock, WBTV Meteorologist

Damage in Statesville on Sunday.
Damage in Statesville on Sunday.

Was there a tornado Sunday? It’s possible!

Many of us had a shower during the day. Chances are, it came and went and you moved on with your day. Most of the pockets of rain didn’t even have thunder to go along with them – just good, heavy rain.

If you live just southwest of Statesville, the story was a little different for you. About 2:45 p.m., a trained spotter saw a funnel cloud and trees were reported down in the intersection of Old Mountain Road and Lewis Ferry Road. The National Weather Service confirmed damage at the intersection, which could be due to a weak tornado.

How did that happen? There were no warnings – or even watches Sunday! Sometimes, you can have a freak spin-up. That’s what most likely happened.

I spoke with the National Weather Service and they have decided not to investigate the situation on Monday. However, we received some pictures from a viewer showing the damage he saw Sunday.

Where do we go from here?

The week ahead looks unsettled. Temperatures will jump to the mid 70s Monday and we could be close to 80 degrees Tuesday and Wednesday. There is a 30 percent chance for showers or a thunderstorm on Monday and it goes up to 40 percent on Tuesday. The rain chances should take a break by Wednesday.