‘Dad of the year’ at Hornets game makes headlines calling out his son for bad grades

USAToday featured the photo in its For The Win section
USAToday featured the photo in its For The Win section

He’s being called the “Dad of the Year,” even if nobody knows his name, where he’s from or even if he’s really a father.

The well-traveled guy has appeared at two different NBA games – one Friday in Charlotte and one Sunday in Houston – carrying a sign that bemoans the fact that his son couldn’t be there due to bad grades, reports USA Today.

What’s curious is that the same guy has reportedly shown up at each game appearing to support a different team. In Charlotte, his sign had a Cav’s logo on it. In Houston, it had a Houston Rockets logo.

The message in Charlotte: “Thomas get your grades back up and next time you’ll be here, love Dad.”

In Houston: “Thomas, can you hear me now? Student then athlete, son. In that order, love Dad.”

Who is Thomas? And who is this dad?

The Charlotte Hornets say they aren’t sure. The only thing they know is he’s not a season ticket holder.

The first of the signs was noticed in Charlotte at the Hornets-Cavs game on Friday, and it won the dad national attention after ESPN and USA Today picked up on it. In USA Today, the photo was featured with the headline: “Dad called out his son’s bad grades with hilariously ruthless sign at Cavaliers game.”

“His son probably can’t see it now, but he was doing it for his own good,” reported Alec McQuade, of KREM. “Poor Thomas. Not only does he apparently have bad grades, but now he’s the center of a trending story on social media.”

USA TODAY sports photographer Jeremy Brevard captured the photo and posted it on Twitter, igniting a debate both for and against the father’s methods.