What odds makers say about UNC, South Carolina’s chances of playing each other


Odds markers say the chances of UNC and South Carolina playing each other in the NCAA championship is a risky bet.

UNC is getting the edge in its upcoming Final Four game against Oregon Saturday. But South Carolina is the underdog going into its game earlier that day against the Gonzaga Bulldogs.

“In the end, the Tar Heels are more talented (than Oregon) throughout their roster, and that should be enough to pull away,” says Kyle Markus on the Web site bookmaker.edu. “While this one should be competitive for most of the showdown, North Carolina is the pick to win the game because of its superior depth.”

Sites like Bettorsworld.com and Oddsshark.com agree, with the latter predicting UNC will win 78 to 70.

As for South Carolina, the Web site says the game Saturday will be low-scoring game, but offers the potential for an upset.

“Gonzaga has a much better record and is the higher seed,” says bookmaker.edu. “Thus, it is a solid favorite to win this game. However, the Gamecocks have had no problem conquering foes as the underdog, including Florida last time out in the Elite Eight.”

Among those predicting South Carolina will surprise odds makers is Bettorsworld.com

“This isn’t what most people predicted, but this Final Four match up between two first-time teams cannot be considered lucky by any means,” says bettersworld.com.

“This game is going to be a battle in the truest sense...But if they (South Carolina) keep up the play that has lead them to wins over Marquette, Duke, Baylor and Florida, then there’s no reason South Carolina can’t win.”

Odds in the NCAA Championship game, according to Landof10.com:

  • Gonzaga – 3/2
  • North Carolina – 7/5
  • Oregon – 9/2
  • South Carolina – 15/2