Hornets offer help for mystery boy ‘Thomas’ after dad skewers bad grades at NBA game

Sports fans still don’t know the identity of the sign-holding dad who is hilariously skewering his son’s bad grades at NBA games. But the Charlotte Hornets are offering sympathy to the mystery boy known only as “Thomas.”

The dad was first spotted at a Hornets home game, holding a sign that read “Thomas get your grades back up and next time you’ll be here, love Dad.”

On Tuesday, the Hornets mascot, Hugo, held up a sign of his own. “Thomas when is your next report card? Call me. I can help. Love, Hugo.”

Hornets officials said they couldn’t help but notice that the father and his sign went viral after being singled out at Spectrum Center Friday by ESPN and USA Today.

The team doesn’t know the identity of the father, just that he’s not a season ticket holder.

Pete Guelli, president of the Charlotte Hornets Foundation, says Hugo’s sign is the team’s way of using the publicity “to send a positive message about education.”

The same father seen in Charlotte was spotted two days later with another sign at a Houston Rockets game. In that case, it said: “Thomas, can you hear me now? Student, then athlete, son. In that order, love Dad.”

CBS News covered the guy’s appearance at Charlotte’s Spectrum Center, calling him a “mystery man” and dubbing him “Father of the Year.”

Even Time magazine has joined in, stating: “This dad is the real MVP.”