What’s more unbelievable: A 50-pound carp caught in L.A., or a 23-foot python that ate a guy?

NPR features story on huge carp
NPR features story on huge carp

Can we blame it on global warming?

Just days after news spread of a 23-foot Python swallowing a man whole in Indonesia comes an even more unbelievable, yet apparently true story.

A guy fishing in the murky waters of MacArthur Park in the middle of Los Angeles has caught a “monster” 50-pound carp. That’s two pounds bigger than North Carolina’s record carp, caught in Mecklenburg County back in 1986 by a guy named William Houston Jr.

NPR reported the catch on March 29, noting that it happened at a small lake in the center of the park. The lucky fisherman was a guy named Eddie Salmeron, who is a member of the California Ghetto Carping club.

Salmeron told NPR the fish was like the big teddy bears you win at carnivals “the big fat plumpy ones – that's how fat that fish was.” The NPR article didn’t say what Salmeron used for bait.

Fishing club members reportedly told NPR the lake is among the most disgusting bodies of water in L.A., but one to their liking.

“You got hundreds of homeless there," fishing club member Sergio Talavera told NPR. “Every time we get there, we have to make sure that we're not going to be sitting on needles. You see the syringes floating in the water, on the ground. It's just one of those parks that where they tell you, the sun goes down there, you better get out of there.”

The group apparently believes the best fishing is at the places most people would avoid. “Any park in Los Angeles that the normal fisherman will not go, we will go," Talavera told NPR. "We grew up in this kind of environment, so it's no big deal to us."

Coincidentally, there has yet to be evidence disproving a 23-foot python ate a guy, so looks like that’s also true. It in National Geographic, no less.

Time magazine says it happened on the island of Sulawesi and the victim, Akbar Salubiro, went missing while harvesting palm oil on his family's plantation. A search conducted by police found the python motionless in a nearby ditch, its belly swollen.