Police, shopper come to aid of girls, ages 5, 8, 9

Police and a Good Samaritan in Rock Hill helped three girls younger than age 10 who walked a mile without an adult to buy groceries Saturday but didn’t have enough money, police reports show.

Officers with the Rock Hill Police Department were called around 11:30 a.m Saturday by someone who saw the three girls, ages 5, 8 and 9, a report said.

The girls were walking alone along Ebinport Road, a report said. The caller told police the children said they were walking to Dollar General on Cherry Road, about a mile away.

Officers found the children at the store shopping without any adult supervision, the report states.

The children told police their mother was at work, but that she sent them shopping, and that a grandmother was home, but is disabled, a report says.

The officers allowed the children to get in line for groceries, but the girls did not have enough money on their debit card, the report says.

A Good Samaritan in line at the store paid for the groceries, the report s ays.

Officers took the children home and called social services workers.

A state Department of Social Services worker told officers that social service agents would meet with the family to devise a safety plan for the children, the report states.