Man arrested at Rock Hill BMX event, claims bias ‘because we’re white,’ police say

Billy Peyton
Billy Peyton

A man was arrested Saturday outside the BMX bicycle championships in Rock Hill after cursing and yelling at an officer and claiming he and others were targeted “because we’re white,” according to a police report.

Billy Peyton, 28, was charged with public disorderly conduct after allegedly cursing and yelling at police in front of children in a public place, Rock Hill police said.

In the incident, outside the 2017 USA National Series event at Rock Hill’s BMX track, officers were assigned to work off-duty, the report states.

A Rock Hill Police Department sergeant who is black was working traffic in front of the track administration building and saw a vehicle parked in a no-loading zone, the report says.

The officer asked the driver to move; the driver, Peyton, asked if he could unload some items, then the officer asked the man to move again, the report states.

Peyton then began “yelling and cursing” at the officer and saying that the officer handled the situation “because we’re white.”

Because Peyton continued to yell and curse with children present in a public place, the officer charged Peyton with public disorderly conduct, the report said.