Indian Land resident is contestant on ‘Price is Right’ Tuesday

Paul Slazas
Paul Slazas Photo Courtesy of Fremantle Media North America

Lancaster County resident Paul Slazas, 71, heard three little words and knew excitement awaited.

Slazas was sitting in the audience of the popular game show “The Price is Right” when he heard the words “Come on down!”

“It’s so surreal,” Slazas said of his experience on the longest running game show in television history.

“The Price is Right” challenges contestants to guess retail values for prizes.

Slazas won a selection of prizes on the hit show hosted by Drew Carey. His episode airs at 11 a.m. Tuesday on CBS, Comporium cable Channel 105 in Rock Hill.

Slazas said that from the moment he was called to compete he “couldn’t believe it.”

“Everyone at the show was great,” Slazas said.

Slazas remembers spinning the big wheel and the joy of winning the prizes.

“It’s a heavy wheel,” he said. “It’s not that easy to get it spinning.”

Slazas said he was chosen from nearly 300 people for a chance at a prize.

“The chances of them picking you are small,” he said. “You have 299 friends you made because everyone is rooting for you when you go up there.”

Slazas, who filmed his episode in Los Angeles in March, said he has had to keep the show results a secret for a month before the episode airs. His daughter, Slazas said, thought he was making an April Fools’ Day joke when he told her.

“People just don’t believe it,” Slazas said. “We don’t believe it either. Everybody dreams of being on the show.”

Slazas said he is planning on watching his episode Tuesday with family and neighbors.