Kannapolis teen reunites with four-legged friend after he escapes in crash

By Sarah-Blake Morgan, WBTV Reporter

Nicholas Familette and his beloved dog Levi
Nicholas Familette and his beloved dog Levi

Spend only a few minutes with Nicholas Familette and his beloved dog Levi and it’s hard to believe they haven’t been by each other’s side that long. The 17-year-old adopted the rescue dog only two months ago.

“I saw his picture on Facebook. This lady found him and he was malnourished, showed his bones,” he said.

The two have been inseparable ever since. But Saturday evening their bond was nearly broken.

“I remember seeing a car pulling out and I grabbed Levi and hugged him and it happened a couple seconds later. We just landed on the floor upside down,” he said.

Looking at these photos of the crash on Highway 29, it’s hard to believe Nicholas and his mother were okay. Little Levi, however, was shaken up.

“I let go of him and he just went out the back window,” Nicholas said.

Nicholas said he climbed out of the mess of mangled metal and tried to chase after the dog, but Levi was gone.

“I was worried that there was something wrong with him. He was injured or something,” he said.

Nicholas’ sister posted on social media and it spread like wildfire. Countless shares, comments, and messages from people far and wide wanting to help find Levi.

“It made me glad that people out there want to help a dog they don’t even know,” he said.

Nicholas searched overnight and into the next morning. One day after the duo was ripped apart, Nicholas found Levi in the woods near the crash site.

“He just ran right towards me,” he said.

Nicholas and Levi are glued to each other once again and only because a teenager refused to give up and his best friend.

“You shouldn’t give up. They have feelings too. They miss you just like you miss them,” he said.

Nicholas and his family wanted to make very clear how thankful they were to the thousands of complete strangers who shared Levi’s story on social media.