Woman tweets photo of snake ‘mating ball’ along Charlotte greenway

Christine Proffitt said it’s not unusual to see at least four or five snakes on her daily run with her dog, Raven, along Little Sugar Creek Greenway in Charlotte.

But what she saw Monday morning was so out of the ordinary that she stopped with Raven, her three-year-old female Lab-German shepherd mix, to snap a photo and post it on Twitter: A bunch of snakes all curled together near the Presley Uptown Luxury Apartments..

“I try to get there early enough when it’s still cool outside, but I got a late start this morning and it was warm enough for all the snakes!” Proffitt told the Observer on Twitter Monday night. “I tend to see at least 4-5 but I’ve never seen them in a bunch like that!”

The cluster of snakes appears to be a “mating ball.” That’s where a bunch of male snakes swarms over a female that has let off a scent to attract them after emerging from winter hibernation, according to Live Science.com. Each male tries his best to win the female’s affections over the other males.

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