The pollen and sap on cars likely to be gone Sunday thanks to Mother Nature

Joe Paull jpaull@ledger-enquirer.com

Charlotte is likely to get rain this weekend, ridding your car of that pollen and tree sap combination that creeps us out this time of year.

We have a 40 percent chance of rain Saturday and an 80 percent chance Sunday. It could rain all day Sunday, into the night and even into mid morning Monday, says the National Weather Service. Some forecasters are predicting an inch or more of rain north of the city.

The chance of rain Monday is 40 percent, but it could include thunderstorms before 10 a.m.

Charlotte Observer news partner WBTV says the rain is the result of a cold front crossing the Carolinas Sunday, and it could include some severe weather.

As for all that tree sap and pollen on your car, NAPAonline.com calls it “environmental fallout” and likens it to “acid rain, bird droppings...and decaying insects.” All are threats to auto finishes, it says. “Leaving pollen on your car or waiting for nature to provide assistance does it no good,” says the site.